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How to Call Toronto from the USA

  1. First, dial 1, which is the country code for Canada,
  2. Then, dial 416 or 647, the 3-digit Toronto area code.
  3. Last, enter the 7-digit phone number.

A US to Toronto call should look like this: 1 + 416 + XXX-XXXX

That‘s because Canada belongs to the North American Numbering Plan so calls to anywhere in Canada will connect just like a regular US domestic call.

If you‘re not sure on how to dial Canada‘s other major cities, we have a more extensive how to call Canada from the U.S. guide for you.

Toronto is a great place to settle or visit. If you‘re reading this article however, you‘ve probably already been there or are from there. That doesn‘t mean you know everything about this amazing city, though.

About Toronto:

Often referred to as T.O. by locals, Toronto is not just a cultural hot spot for Canada, but for all of North America. A diverse citizenry ensures world-class dining, music, theatre and comedy. In fact, almost half of all Torontonians were born elsewhere. Winters can be truly cold and the summers very humid, so pack accordingly. Whenever you go, you‘ll find a city that is as cosmopolitan as it is friendly. 


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