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How to Call Lucknow From the USA

You‘ve lucked out on calling Lucknow!

Need a refresher on how to dial? Check out our Lucknow calling guide below.

Step-by-step instructions on calling Lucknow from USA:

  • Start with 011 - U.S. and Canada‘s exit code.
  • Next, dial 91 - the India country code.
  • Then 522 - the Lucknow area code (for landlines only).
  • Conclude with either the Lucknow 7-digit landline or 10-digit mobile number.


The low down on Lucknow:

Known as the "City of Rulers", Lucknow has a population of just over 2.75 million*, second behind New Delhi as the largest city outside of South India. Lucknow is incredibly unique as the city has a specific  'hybrid' language called Lucknowi Urdu, a mix of Hindi and Urdu, even though Hindi is the city‘s 'official' language. The city purveys a sense of ambition and progression as well, due to its youthful (and highly educated) population. Another example of its reputation as a 'hybrid' city: Lucknow is a prominent center of industry and technology but is also known for being historically and culturally-rich.



*As of 2021

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