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How to Call to Guadalajara from the USA

  1. Start with 011 — the exit code for the U.S. and Canada.
  2. Next, enter 52 — the country code for Mexico.
  3. Then, dial 33 — the Guadalajara area code.
  4. Finish with the 7-8 digit local phone number.

Got that? Good. Now you know the Guadalajara telephone code and the steps to dial (if you didn‘t before). And if you have loved ones in other major Mexican cities, discover how to call Mexico today!

The goods on Guadalajara:

With the third largest metropolitan population in Mexico, Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco, is a growing, thriving city that shows no signs of slowing down. Guadalajara is also one of Latin America‘s most business-friendly cities. The city is big on the technology front and is often thought of as Mexico‘s answer to California‘s Silicon Valley. Guadalajara is also home to one of Mexico‘s most famous and successful soccer teams, Club Deportivo Guadalajara. The team has sent a number of players to the Mexican National Team and is a constant beacon of success.

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