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How to Call Daegu from the USA

Calling Daegu will never be the same!

Leaving Daegu was hard. Not talking to everyone you care for is even harder. 

Don‘t worry, our how to call Daegu guide should help:

  1. Start with 011 -- the exit code for the U.S. and Canada.
  2. Next, enter 82 -- the country code for South Korea.
  3. Then, dial 53 -- the Daegu area code (landlines only*).
  4. Finish dialing with the local 6-8 digit Daegu phone number.

*For mobile calling to Daegu, enter the U.S./Canada exit code, the South Korea country code and then “1” before dialing the 6-12 digit mobile phone number.

Now that you know the Daegu calling code, check out how to call other cities in South Korea by reading through our post on how to call South Korea from the USA.


The data on Daegu:

Daegu (formerly known as Taegu) has been nicknamed the “Apple City” due to its high production and exports of the fruit. Daegu is also home to Daegu Stadium, with a capacity of just under 67,000 makes it South Korea‘s second largest sporting arena. Daegu‘s fashion industry is heavily promoted with the slogan “Daegu: Fashion City.” Daegu‘s an upcoming fashion hub that, through a variety of boutiques, fashion shows and schools, is ambitiously aiming to take its place among the other fashion centers of Asia.