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How To Call Chengdu From USA

The key to calling Chengdu!

Your hometown, good ole‘ Chengdu, is calling. Or is it that you want to call Chengdu?
Either way, you miss your family and friends and need calls - lots of calls - back home.

How to call Chengdu from USA:

  • Start by dialing 011 - the exit code for US/Canada.
  • Next, dial 86 - the China country code.
  • Then, dial 28 - the Chengdu area code.
  • Complete dialing with the local Chengdu phone number.

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The commotion about Chengdu:

Chengdu, the Sichuan Province (state) capital, has a population of over 20 million (as of 2020, source) residents in its nine districts. Chengdu is an important in China as it boasts a model economy, as well as efficient transportation and communication networks. In 2007, Chengdu was named one of the top ten Chinese cities to invest in (source) and recognized as one of the top five cities for livability in the country.

Known for its spicy cuisine, Chengdu‘s local specialties include: Ma Po Tofu, Dan Dan Noodles and Chengdu Hot Pot. The first two contain the famed Sichuan peppers, giving these dishes an extra kick (source). 

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