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Make Calls to New Taipei City From the U.S.

Growing up in New Taipei City, you frequented Fulong beach and remember the delicious box lunches that made the area famous. But now you‘re far away.

Like across-the-ocean-and-three-time-zones-far away.

How to call New Taipei City from the USA:

  • Begin by dialing 011 - the U.S. and Canada exit code.
  • Next, dial 886 - the Taiwan country code.
  • Then, 2 - the New Taipei City area code.
  • And finally, the local New Taipei City phone number.

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Some info about New Taipei City:

Taiwan‘s most heavily populated city, New Taipei City has a population of over 4 million people (as of 2021, source). New Taipei City surrounds the city of Taipei, and due to its location on the Pacific Ocean, gives the city a reputation as a gateway to other countries and allows the culture to be an amazing blend of East and West. Although constantly evolving and moving forward, New Taipei City is mindful of its history, with a number of important and popular museums such as Yonghe‘s Museum of World Religions and the Ping-Lin Tea Museum.

And don‘t forget the beach. Fulong Beach, that is.
Located a mere hour from Taipei, this popular surfing and sunning spot is definitely worth the trip.


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