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Make Calling Chongqing Easy!

Give Chongqing a call today!

You miss many things back home in Chongqing -- friends, family, the view from the hills, and Hot Pot. 

So what‘s the proper plan to dial?

How to call Chongqing from the USA:

  • First, dial 011 - the exit code for the U.S./Canada.
  • Then, dial 86 - the China country code.
  • Next, dial 23 -- the Chongqing area code.
  • Finish things off with the the local telephone number.

Check out our “How to Call China from the US” guide for more on dialing other cities in China.

The Chongqing chapter:

One of five central (and essential) Chinese cities, Chongqing is as massive as it is populated, with a population of over 30 million people in the municipality (as of 2022, source). A culturally and historically significant city, Chongqing is located on the Yangtze river and serves as the waterway‘s main economic center.


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