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How to Call Vancouver from the USA

If you‘re a bit fuzzy on the process of how to call Vancouver from the USA, take a look below for our walk-through:

  1. Your first step is to dial 1, Canada‘s country code.
  2. Then, dial 604 or 778, the 3-digit Vancouver area code.
  3. Last, dial the 7-digit local number.

A US to Vancouver call should appear as follows:
1 + 778 + XXX-XXXX

And for help with reaching Canada‘s other burgeoning metropolises, we put together our comprehensive guide on how to call Canada. Just click on the link to get going.

About Vancouver:

 A relatively young city, Vancouver is one of North America‘s top locations for film and TV shoots. Talk to a working actor these days and they‘ve probably spent quite a bit of time in one of Western Canada‘s biggest metropolitan areas.



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