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How to Call the Bahamas from the U.S.

Calling the Bahamas can be a tiresome affair, with all the calling card scams out there to sift through and the even greater number of phone plans.

We can help you simplify all that so you can call the Bahamas easily and affordably, but right now let‘s take a look at our “How to Call the Bahamas” guide below:

To call Bahamas from the U.S., just follow these dialing instructions.

Since the Bahamas are part of the NANP, or North American Numbering Plan, you don‘t have to dial the U.S. exit code, 011.

  • Dial 1, the Bahamas country code.
  • Next dial 242, the Bahamas area code.
  • Then dial the 7-digit phone number.

EX: 1 + 242 + XXX + XXXX

Need more help with how to call the Bahamas? When dialing a cell phone in the Bahamas, the first three numbers after the area code can be 357, 359, 457, or 557.


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