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How to Call Tanzania from the U.S.

Are you getting tense every time you need to call Tanzania because of the difficulty with international codes and calling rules?

Are calling cards to Tanzania driving you simply nuts? Read our “How to Call Tanzania” guide below before you go off the deep end.

To call Tanzania from the U.S., just follow these dialing instructions:

  • First dial 011, the U.S. exit code.
  • Next dial 255, the Tanzania country code.
  • Then dial the 2-digit area code (check out the sample calling code list below), followed by the 7-digit phone number.
  • So calling Tanzania from the U.S. will look like this: 011 + 255 + XX + XXX XXXX

Need more help with how to call Tanzania?

Here is a list of some major city area codes and city calling codes:

Dar es Salaam 22
Mwanza 28
Zanzibar 24
Morogoro 23
Mbeya 25
Tanga 27
Arusha 27
Tabora 26
Iringa 26

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