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How To Call Taipei From US

Get the technique for calling Taipei!

You used to complain about all the Taipei festivals (Dragon Boat, Ghost, Mid-Autumn, Lantern, etc.). But now you miss them terribly. And by â them‘, we mean the festivals and your loved ones across the Pacific. If you‘re unsure on the dialing details, check out our calling guide below.

Steps for calling Taipei from USA:

  • Start off by dialing 011 - the US and Canada exit code.
  • Next, dial 886 - Taiwan‘s country code.
  • Then, dial “2” - the Taipei area code.
  • Wrap things up with the local Taipei phone number.

Those are the four easy steps for calling Taipei from the US.

But what if some of my friends have moved to China?

Not to worry, check out our post on how to call China to learn how to dial them as well!


The topic of Taipei:

Founded in the early 18th century, Taipei boasts a population of 2.7 million as of 2022 (source) and sits at Taiwan‘s Northern tip. After developing into a key trade hub, Taipei was named capital of Taiwan in the late 1800s. Taipei has quite the history. Less than ten years after Taipei was designated as Taiwan‘s capital, the state fell under Japanese rule. In 1945, post-Japanese surrender, Taiwan (and thus, Taipei) came under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China.



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