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How to Call Surat From the USA

Learn how to call Surat:

  • Start off with 011, the exit code for U.S. and Canada.
  • Next, dial 91 -- the country code for India.
  • Then, dial 261 -- the Surat area code (for landlines only).
  • Finally, finish up with the 7-digit Surat landline or 10-digit Surat mobile number.


A summary of Surat:

One of the fastest growing (and cleanest) cities in India, Surat is a model Indian city with a population of over 7 million as of 2022 (source). As highly developed and modern as the city is, Surat still has reminders of its past, most notably, a moat dividing the older parts of the city.

The economy of Surat is known for clothing and jewels, giving the city a reputation of extravagance. Did you know 90% of all the diamonds in the world go through Surat to be cut and polished? You do now!



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