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How to Call Sudan from the US

Let‘s take a quick peak at how to call Sudan.

To call Sudan from the US, just follow these dialing instructions:

  • First dial 011, the US exit code.
  • Next dial 249, the Sudan country code.
  • Then dial the the 9-digit phone number.
  • The US to Sudan international dialing format should look like this:

Landline: 011 + 249 + 1X XXX XXXX
Cell phone: 011 + 249 + 9X XXX XXXX

Sometimes, no matter how strong the signal is, you may still encounter problems when you try to call Sudan. We can help with that too. Watch for these typical missteps:

International cell phone blockage.

Be sure your cell phone is not set up to block international calling. Check for this in your settings.

Cell area codes.

You may find that some international phone numbers for cells don‘t require an area code. If you‘ve dialed an area code and the call doesn‘t work, try dialing the number without the area code and see if that helps.

Zero that zero.

It‘s rare to see a cell phone number that starts with a 0, also called a trunk code, because it‘s used only when calling within a few nations. We‘re betting you won‘t need a trunk code on your next call.



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