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How to Call Peshawar From the USA

Proclaim your love for calls to Peshawar!

Your guide to calling Peshawar:

  • Start with 011 -- the exit code for the U.S. and Canada.
  • Next, enter 92 -- the country code for Pakistan.
  • Then, dial 91 -- the Peshawar area code.
  • Finally, conclude dialing with the local Peshawar phone number (6-7 digits).

Now you know the plan for low-priced calling to Peshawar, and even the Peshawar dialing code, but we‘ve still got more to show you. What about those relatives and friends in other Pakistani cities? Do you know how to dial? Don‘t worry, if you need a reminder, we‘ve put together a whole post on how to call Pakistan from the US.


The press on Peshawar:

Located near the Durand Line on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, Peshawar has long been considered a “gateway” city. Peshawar acts as an access point for those traveling not only to Afghanistan but also to Central Asia. Once ruled by the British Raj, Peshawar was granted independence from Western Rule in 1947, when it was absorbed into newly-formed Pakistan.


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