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How to Call Montreal from the USA

Below you‘ll find a super easy-to-follow guide:

  1. First, dial 1, the country code for Canada.
  2. Then, dial 514 or 438, the 3-digit Montreal area code.
  3. Last, dial the 7-digit local number.

A US to Montreal phone call should look like this:
1 + 514 + XXX-XXXX

Need to reach other major Canadian cities? Take a look at our how to call Canada guide for more in-depth information.

About Montreal:

The architecture, language and cuisine of Montreal will give you the impression that you‘ve been teleported to an undiscovered section of Paris. However, the truth is that this city is as globally minded as it is uniquely Canadian, with a deeply ingrained concern for the environment and general world policy. Montreal is a completely bilingual city with French as the official language.  If you‘ve never been, anytime is a good time to go. If you‘ve already been, consider yourself among the more fortunate.


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