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How to Call Lithuania from the US

To call Lithuania from the US, just follow these dialing instructions:

  • First dial 011, the US exit code.
  • Next dial 370, the Lithuania country code.
  • Then simply dial the 3-digit area code followed by the 5-digit phone number.

The US to Lithuania international dialing format to landlines looks like this:
011 + 370 + XXX + XX XXX

To mobiles, start the area code with a 6:
011 + 370 + 6X + XXX XXX

Need more help with how to call Lithuania?

Here is a list of some major city area codes and city calling codes:

Kaunas 37X
Klaipeda 464
Vilnius 52X
Panevezys 454, 455
Siauliai 413, 414, 415


There are also a variety of for international dialing, especially with mobile calls to Lithuania. Some things to look out for:

A few countries require trunk codes, a zero that appears at the beginning of a phone number, but not many. Check to make sure you‘re not unnecessarily dialing a trunk code -- just another item to keep in mind when calling Lithuania or anywhere else overseas.



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