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How to Call Germany from the U.S.

To call Germany from the U.S., just follow these simple dialing directions:

  • First dial 011, the U.S. exit code.
  • Next dial 49, the country code for Germany.
  • Then dial the area code (2-5 digits).
  • Fnally, dial the phone number (3-9 digits).


Need more help calling Germany?

If your call isn‘t going through, watch out for these common dialing errors:

Blocked international calls

Many phone service providers offer the option to block international calling or even have it as a default. Check this setting before trying to place a direct international call.

Mobile numbers without area codes

Area codes shouldn‘t be added to international cell phone numbers. Cell phone numbers in most countries also have an allocated starting digit that isn‘t used for landlines.

Drop the trunk code

If the number you are dialing starts with zero, you must drop this first digit. The zero is called a “trunk code” and is used when calling within certain countries.
For example, if the number you are calling is 021 XXXX XXXX:

  • the wrong way to dial from the U.S. is 011 + 49 + 021 XXXX XXXX
  • the right way to dial from the U.S. is 011 + 49 + 21 XXXX XXXX

VoIP (Internet phone) connections

Some VoIP service providers allow you to skip dialing 011 before placing an international call. If this feature is turned on, just leave out the 011 U.S. exit code. 

Here is a list of major Germany area codes and city calling codes.

Aachen 241
Augsburg 821
Berlin 30
Bielefeld 521
Bochum 234
Bonn 228
Brandenburg 3381
Bremen 421
Chemnitz 371
Dortmund 231
Dresden 351
Duisburg 203
Dusseldorf 211
Essen 201
Frankfurt 69
Gelsenkirchen 209
Hamburg 40
Hannover 511
Karlsruhe 721
Koln 221
Krefeld 2151
Leipzig 341
Mannheim 621
Menz 33082
Munchen 89
Munster 6071
Nurnberg 911
Stuttgart 711
Wiesbaden 611
Wuppertal 202

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