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How to Call Cartagena from the USA

Jump on those cheap calls to Cartagena today.

For more info on how to call Cartagena from the USA, we‘ve put together a brief guide below:

  1. Start with 011 -- the exit code for the US and Canada.
  2. Next, enter 57 -- the country code for Colombia.
  3. Then, dial 5 -- the Cartagena area code.
  4. Last, enter the local 7-digit Cartagena phone number.

US to Cartagena call format:
011 + 57 + 5 + XXX + XXXX

If you need a hand with other area codes and other cities, read our guide on how to call Colombia from the US before dialing.

About Cartagena:

This gem of Colombia‘s northern coast may be the most tourist-friendly city in all of South America. With plenty of historic architecture and many areas still ensconced in an “Old World” feel, visitors shouldn‘t be surprised by the top-end hotels, restaurants and cafes dotting the plazas and walkways. First-time visitors will want to spend time in the Bocagrande area, where most of the city‘s tourist-friendly services and break spots are found, but don‘t forget to explore the other portions of this bustling, thriving metropolis!


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