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How to Call Cali from the USA

Maybe you moved to the US, but in the process, you left a lot of loved ones back in Cali, Colombia.

You don‘t need to feel estranged anymore. 

For a hand with how to call Cali from the USA, take a quick peek at this helpful guide below:

  1. Start with 011 -- the exit code for the US and Canada.
  2. Next, enter 57 -- the country code for Colombia.
  3. Then, dial 602 -- the Cali area code.
  4. Last, enter the local 7-digit Cali phone number.

US to Cali landline call format: 011 + 57 + 602 + XXX + XXXX

For more area codes and more information on how to call Colombia from the US, click the preceding link.

About Cali:

Cali is Colombia‘s third largest city (source) but might be the nation‘s top destination for nightlife. Perpetually warm, thanks to its lower altitude, Cali is home to some of the country‘s best salsa dance clubs, many of which operate close to 24/7. If dancing is not your thing, not to worry because a beautiful stroll along the Cali River can be had with plenty of cafes and great restaurants to visit.


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