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How to Call Bahrain from the U.S.

Fret no more if you‘re wondering about how to call Bahrain.

It can seem like an insurmountable series of digits and international code combinations, but we have the solution for you, a simple and easy-to-follow “How to Call Barhain” guide, found below. Say goodbye to calling confusion.

To call Bahrain from the U.S., just follow these dialing instructions:

  • First dial 011, the U.S. exit code.
  • Next dial 973, the Bahrain country code.
  • Then dial the 8-digit phone number.
  • EX: 011 + 973 + XXXX XXXX

Need more help with how to call Bahrain?

Since Bahrain does not use specific city calling codes, here is a link to Bahrain‘s telecom directory for residences, businesses and mobiles.

Besides the complicated calling codes, you might find yourself unable to make your call because of numerous other restrictions built into phone hardware or possibly because of some other rare international rules. So check out these helpful tips when calling Bahrain.

Auto blocks

Some cell phones are preset to keep new users from making international calls without changing the settings or having the provider allow them to go through. So if your call to Bahrain won‘t go through, check to see that this setting is turned off.

Mobile phone area codes

There are times when you‘re not supposed to use the area code when making an international call. This is because many countries have an assigned first digit they use instead of an area code. Be sure the country you‘re calling isn‘t one of these.

Drop that trunk code

When a number begins with a 0 or “trunk code” - a rare thing, by the way - it‘s only meant to be used when calling within a few certain countries. If you‘re not in one of these countries, though, just leave off the zero.

VoIP phones

A “VoIP” or Internet phone will often not require you to dial 011, the exit code for international calls. Again, check to see if your phone is one of these and dial accordingly.


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