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Calling Shanghai From the USA

Pining for Shanghai but unsure about dialing details?

Here's our “How to Call Shanghai” guide:

  • Begin by dialing 011 - the U.S./Canada exit code.
  • Next, dial 86 - the country code for China.
  • Then, 21 - the Shanghai area code.
  • And finally, the Shanghai phone number.

Now you know the proper method when it comes to calling Shanghai. Want to learn more about calling China? Check out more China country codes.


The scoop on Shanghai:

Shanghai is the most heavily populated city in China and the world (as of 2022, source) with over 28.5 million residents. Not only is Shanghai one of the world‘s major cities, it‘s also the busiest container port in the world. Shanghai was once a fishing and textiles town, but gained importance due to its favorable location as a port as well as economic potential.

In the ‘90s, Shanghai went through a period of resurgence which resulted in heavy redevelopment, with foreign investment funding the majority of this undertaking. As one of the world‘s biggest cities, Shanghai‘s tourism is key for it‘s economy, as it‘s known internationally for such landmarks as The Bund, The City God Temple and The Yuyuan Garden.


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