Support FAQs

Get answers to commonly asked account questions.

  • You can view your current bill and previous bills in your Online Account. Your current bill displays the estimated charges to date, including taxes and fees. A previous bill itemizes all your charges for a previous bill cycle.
  • Information and step-by-step wizards to help install your Vonage Box™ and resolve common technical issues with your service are available in our Technical Support center. If you need further assistance, we have a support team available 24/7.
  • To make things easy for you, we automatically bill the payment method you have on file each month. If you have a past due balance, you can pay it using your Online Account or by calling our automated payment hotline at 1-800-528-7690.
  • There are a few possibilities. Your monthly statement includes the plan price, plus taxes and fees. If you signed up under a promotional rate, the promotion may have expired. And if you made any international or domestic calls not included in your plan, added a voice or fax line, or made other changes during your billing period, your bill could vary.